Sixth Meeting of the Athena Society
September 9 - 13, 2012

The Romanos
Costa Navarino
Messinia, Greece
Tel: +30 272-309-6000

Program and Agenda

2012 - Messinia

2012 Organizers:

Basil Doumas, Ph.D., Medical College of Wisconsin

Eleftherios Diamandis, M.D., Ph.D., Mount Sinai Hospital, University of Toronto

Jack Ladenson, Ph.D., Washington University

Mitchell Scott, Ph.D., Washington University

Evangelos Spanos, M.D., M.SC,. Ph.D., Biomedicine Ltd., Athens, Greece

Special Thanks to Catherine Braliou of Biomedicine Ltd. ( ) for her organizational skills and overseeing the logistics of this meeting. Without her, we would not be here.

Program and Agenda

Sunday, September 9

19:00 - 20:30 Reception - The Romanos Pool, Costa Navarino
20:30 Dinner on Own

Monday, September 10

08:45 Welcome and Purpose of Meeting

M Scott and E Diamandis

09:00 Economic and Demographic Challenge in Healthcare
and Laboratory Medicine (10 min. presentation)

Moderator: S. Evans

Viewpoint 1 G. Jones
Viewpoint 2 G. Beastall
Viewpoint 3 D. Lo
Viewpoint 4 E. Ashwood

10:00 Break

10:30 How to meet these Challenges (5 min. presentations)

Moderator: B. Doumas

E. Diamandis
M. Plebani
I. Young
J. McDonald

11:00 -€“ 11:45 Discussion

11:45 Break

12:00 Challenges in Laboratory Medicine Information
Dissemination and Management (10 min. presentations)

Moderator: R. Horvarth

Publication / Journal Challenges N. Rifai
Information Dissemination Challenges A. Saenger
When you should believe the literature? P. Bossuyt

12:30 Discussion

Moderator: R. Horvarth

13:15 Special Presentation

Royal Jelly: The Elixir of Youth V. Moutsatsou

13:30 Lunch on Own

19:00 Pre-Dinner Talk (Hotel Meeting Room)

"Predictive Medicine" E. Diamandis

19:00 Feature Film ("Eurotroubles") and Reception

20:00 Dinner at Flame Restaurant, Navarino Dunes

Tuesday September 11

09:00 The New Fruit - Whole Genome Sequencing (10 min. presentations)

Moderator: J. Ladenson
Why should I have my whole genome sequenced G. Tsongalis
Why should I NOT have my whole genome sequenced S. Asa
Why should I have my fetus or newborn genome sequenced D. Lo
GWAS or GWHAT? S. Ezzat

09:45 - 10:30 Discussion

Moderator: S. Master

10:30 Break

11:00 More New Fruit

Moderator: E. Diamandis

Cancer proteomics initiative – why? M. Scott
Mass spectrometry in toxicology - what is new? T. Moyer
Mass spectrometry in microbiology - a game changer? H. Vaidya

11:45 - 12:30 Discussion

Moderator: T. Moyer

12:30 Lunch

20:00 Dinner - Taverna Argyris in Marathos

Hosted by Dr. and Mrs. Spanos

Wednesday, September 12

09:00 Challenges in Screening and Risk Stratification (10 min. presentations)

Moderator: G. Miller

09:45 - 10:30 Discussion

Moderator: S. Evans

10:30 Break

11:00 Are Biomarkers for Cardiac Risk Better than the Framingham Score?

Moderator: A. Saenger

- YES A. Jaffe
- NO F. Apple

11:30 - 1215 Discussion

12:30 - 19:00 Box Lunch: Group Trip to Nestor's Castle and Pylos

19:30 Dinner on Own

Thursday, September 13


Moderator: G. Bodor

  1. Economic Challenges - G. Miller
  2. Information Challenges - A. Horvarth
  3. Whole Genome Sequencing - S. Master
  4. Clinical Proteomics - A. Stankovic
  5. Screening - G. Jones
  6. Cardiac - J.Ladenson

11:00 Adjourn

12:30 Departures and Bus Leaves for Athens

2012 Athena Society Delegates



With guest



Tim Amukele   The Johns Hopkins Hospital USA
Fred & Jan Apple University of Minnesota USA
Ed Ashwood & Candace Johnson University of Utah USA
Eleni Bairaktari   University of Ioannina Greece
Graham & Judith Beastall Glasgow Royal Infirmary Scotland
Geza Bodor   University of Colorado/VA Med Center USA
Patrick Bossuyt   University of Amsterdam Netherlands
Eleftherios & Anastasia Diamandis Mt. Sinai Hospital/University of Toronto Canada
Basil & Maria Doumas Medical College Wisconsin USA
Sue Evans   Agencourt/Beckman Coulter USA
Shereen Ezzat & Sylvia Asa Mt. Sinai Hospital/University of Toronto Canada
Ann Gronowski   Washington University USA
Shannon Haymond   Lurie Children's Hospital, Chicago, IL USA
Rita Horvarth   Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney Australia
Al Jaffe   Mayo Clinic USA
Graham Jones   St. Vincent's Hospital Australia
Eva Kassi     University of Athens Greece
Jack & Ruth Ladenson Washington University USA
Dennis & Alice Lo Chinese Univ of Hong Kong Hong Kong
Despina Makri   Roche Molecular Diagnostics Greece
Stephen Master   University of Pennsylvania USA
Jay McDonald   University of Alabama Birmingham USA
Greg & Gail Miller Virginia Commonwealth University USA
Vivi Moutsatsou   University of Athens Greece
Thomas & Diane Moyer Mayo Clinic USA
Mario & Maria Plebani University Hospital of Padova Italy
Nader Rifai   Children's Hospital, Boston, MA USA
Amy Saenger & Husband Mayo Clinic USA
Mitchell & Barbara Scott Washington University USA
Evangelos & Mahi Spanos Biomedicine S.A. Greece
Ana Stankovic   BD Diagnostics USA
Ulf-Haken Stenman   Helsinki University Finland
Litsa Talieri   Saint Savas Hospital Greece
Gregory Tsongalis & Wife Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center USA
Hemant Vaidya & Wife University of California USA
Ian & Joanne Young Queens University, Belfast Ireland

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