Fifth Meeting of the Athena Society
September 6 - 10, 2009

Porto Heli, 21061
Argolida, Peloponnese, Greece
Tel: +30 27540 - 57401

Program and Agenda

2009 - Porto Heli

2009 Organizers:

Basil Doumas, Ph.D. Medical College of Wisconsin

Eleftherios Diamandis, M.D., Ph.D.
University of Toronto

Jack Ladenson, Ph.D.
Washington University

Mitchell Scott, Ph.D.
Washington University

Evangelos Spanos, M.D.
Biomedicine Ltd., Athens

Special Thanks to Catherine Braliou of Biomedicine Ltd. ( ) for her organizational skills and overseeing the logistics of this meeting. Without her, we would not be here.

Program and Agenda

Sunday, September 6

1900 - 2030 Reception – Hinitsa Bay Hotel
2030 Dinner on Own

Monday, September 7

0830 Welcome and Purpose of Meeting

M Scott and E Diamandis
0845 Historical Perspective - J Ladenson and B Doumas

0900 Country by Country Review of Trends and Issues

Unique economic, political, demographic and technologic trends and issues that will shape the future practice of lab medicine in each country/region.

Moderator: Ed Ashwood

0900 United Kingdom Ian Young
0915 Italy Mario Plebani
0930 Australia Ken Sikaris
0945 France Bernard Gouget

1000 Break

1030 North America Tom Moyer
1045 China/Hong Kong Denis Lo
1100 Greece T. Kremmastinou
1115 Finland Ulf-Hakan Stenman
1130 Developing Nations Jack Ladenson
1145 Group Discussion

1200 Laboratory Medicine Journals - Changing Roles?

Moderator: G. Bodor
1200 "Evidence" in the Lab Medicine Literature David Bruns
1220 Improving Lab Medicine Journals Nader Rifai
1245 Knowledge Management and Truthiness - How Scientific Information is Communicated and Retrieved Bob Rej
1300 Group Discussion

1315 Lunch on Own

1900 Pre-Dinner Talk (Hotel Meeting Room)

"Predictive Medicine" E. Diamandis

2000 Dinner – Hinitsa Taverna, Porto Heli

(Short Walk to Restaurant from Hotel)

Tuesday September 8

0930 Beyond Immunoassays and PCR in the Clinical Laboratory

Moderator: E. Diamandis
0930 How many analytes? Optimizing multiplex assays for QC Stephen Master
0950 Nano-diagnostics - now, near term or never? Larry Kricka
1010 Mass Spectrometry as a Diagnostic Tool Mary Lopez

1050 Break


Moderator: Ana Stankovic
1110 Dynamic Testing in Endocrinology Shereen Ezzat
1130 microRNAs Greg Tsongalis
1150 Next-generation sequencing as a diagnostic tool Dennis Lo
1215 Personalized Medicine and the blurring of AP and CP Sylvia Asa
1240 Group Discussion All
1300 Website Discussion E. Diamandis

1315 Lunch on Own

2000 Dinner – Home of Dr. Spanos, Island of Spetses

(Water Taxi transport to Spetses)

Wednesday, September 9

0930 Personalized Medicine - Where are we headed?

Moderator: Peter Wilding
0930 Challenges to Becoming Reality
0930 Regulatory Sue Evans
0950 Clinical Roland Valdes
1010 Group Discussion

1020 Break

1045 Lab Standards and "Metrologists"

Moderator: Gary Myers
1045 What is metrology? Basil Doumas
1055 What ISO Means to Labs Greg Miller
1115 Standardized QA? Graham Jones
1135 Humans cannot be measured with cows Stan Lo
1140 Group Discussion

1200 The Clinical Laboratory of 2020

Moderators: Jack Ladenson and Jay McDonald
1200 One reference lab's view Tom Moyer
1220 What will be the most significant
test algorithms..
..changes in the next 10 years?
Group Discussion

1400 - 0000 Boat to Nafplion and Return All

Dinner on own in Nafplion

Thursday, September 10

0830 Should We...?

Moderator: Carlo Brugnara
0830 ...Report Estimated Average Glucose with HbA1c?
0830 Yes
0845 No
David Sacks
Ian Young
0900 ...Use Glucose Meters for Tight Glycemic Control Protocols? Mitch Scott
0915 ...Do Vitamin D Testing for the Masses? Ann Gronowski
0930 ...Use High Sensitivity Troponin Assays?
0930 Can we? (technical issues)
0945 Clinically? (clinical issues)
Fred Apple
Al Jaffe
1000 Discussions
1015 Meeting Summary Eleftherios Diamandis

1100 Departures

2009 Athena Society Delegates



With guest



Francisco (Paco) Alvarez   Hospital Univ Central de Asturias Spain
Fred & Jan Apple University of Minnesota USA
Sylvia Asa, Shereen Ezzat & Alexander University of Toronto Canada
Ed Ashwood & Candace Johnson University of Utah USA
Eleni Bairaktari   University of Ioannina Greece
Geza & Maggie Bodor University of Colorado/VA Med Center USA
Katerina Braliou   Biomedicine S.A. Greece
Carlo Brugnara   Boston Children’s/Harvard University USA
David & Liz Bruns not present   University of Virginia USA
Larry & Susan Demers Penn State University USA
Eleftherios & Anastasia Diamandis Mt. Sinai Hospital/University of Toronto Canada
Basil & Maria Doumas Medical College Wisconsin USA
Sue & Dick Evans Agencourt/Beckman Coulter USA
Shereen Ezzat & Sylvia Asa Mt. Sinai Hospital/University of Toronto Canada
Nate & Elaine Gochman Beckman-Coulter (Ret.) USA
Bernard Gouget   Fédération Hospitalière de France France
Ann & Scott Gronowski Washington University USA
Al Jaffe   Mayo Clinic USA
Graham Jones   St. Vincent’s Hospital Australia
Dino Kasdagly   The Cleveland Clinic USA
Eleni Kordi no photo   Biomedicine S.A. Greece
Tzeni Kremmastinou   Biomedicine S.A. Greece
Larry & Barbara Kricka University of Pennsylvania USA
Jack & Ruth Ladenson Washington University USA
Dennis & Alice Lo Chinese Univ of Hong Kong Hong Kong
Stan Lo   Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin USA
Mary Lopez & daughter Thermo Fisher USA
Stephen & Christina Master University of Pennsylvania USA
Jay & Sarah McDonald University of Alabama Birmingham USA
Aikaterini Metaxotou no photo   Greece
Greg & Gail Miller   Virginia Commonwealth University USA
Vivi Moutsatsou   University of Athens Greece
Tom & Diane Moyer Mayo Clinic USA
Gary & Adrienne Myers CDC USA
Laurence K Oliver   Mayo Clinic USA
Mario & Maria Plebani   Padova University Hospital Italy
Robert & Yvonne Rej NY State Health Lab USA
Nader Rifai   Boston Children’s/Harvard USA
David, Beth & Dylan Sacks Brigham & Women’s Harvard University USA
Mitchell & Barbara Scott Washington University USA
Ken, Kathrine & Laura Sikaris Melbourne Pathology Australia
Evangelos OR EVANGELIS & Mahi Spanos BIOMEDICINE S.A. Greece
Ana & Srdjan Stankovic, with daughter BD Diagnostics USA
Ulf-Haken & Ingrid Stenman Helsinki University Finland
Litsa Talieri   Saint Savas Hospital Greece
Gregory Tsongalis with wife and children Dartmouth University USA
Roland & Kathie Valdes University of Louisville USA
Peter & Audrey Wilding University of Pennsylvania USA
Ian & Joanne Young Queens University, Belfast Ireland

Brainstorming the future of clinical chemistry and its future role in health care