Brainstorming the future of clinical chemistry and its future role in health care


Seventh Meeting of The Athena Society

Porto Elounda Crete, Greece
June 16 - 20, 2015


Program and Agenda

2015 Crete

Seventh Meeting of The Athena Society for Labrotary Medicine

2015 Organizers:

Basil Doumas, Ph.D., Medical College of Wisconsin

Eleftherios P. Diamandis, M.D., Ph.D., Mt. Sinai Hospital, University of Toronto

Ann M. Gronowski, Ph.D., Washington University

Jack Ladenson, Ph.D., Washington University

Mitchel Scott, Ph.D., Washington University

Evangelos Spanos, M.D., M.Sc, Ph.D., Boimedicine Ltd., Athens

Gregory J. Tsongalis, Ph.D., Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center


2015 Athena Program

Tuesday, June 16



Wednesday, June 17

8:45 Welcome & Purpose - A. Gronowski & G. Tsongalis

Disruptive innovation / technology in lab medicine

- Moderator - E Diamandis
9:15 If you dont think Theranos is real, look who is close behind - D. Grenache
9:30 Are these companies a real threat and should we be afraid? - Group Discussion
10:15 The emergence of digital medicine, where consumers are connected and in control - S. Haymond
10:30 Beyond nanotechnology: Have we seen this before? - P. Wilding
10:45 Discussion
11:00 Break

The Future of Laboratory Medicine

- Moderator - F. Apple
11:15 What is the future of accademic laboratory medicine?
11:45 Is there a future for the central lab? If so, what and why? - G. miller
12:00 Will companies become the next academia? - S. Evans
12:15 Discussion


12:45 History of the Athena Society: a reflection on 20 years of meetings - B. Doumas
19:00 Feature Film "Eternal Life"
Produced by Eleftherios Diamandis(rated G by the program organizers)
20:00 Dinner at Odysseas Restaurant, Porto Elounda Resort

Thursday, June 18


Genomic medicine in Clinical Practice

- Moderator - C. Wittwer
8:30 Genetic testing for the masses- yes - G. Tsongalis
8:45 Genetic testing for the masses- no - G. Tsongalis
9:00 The rise, fall, and rise? of 23andme - G. Bordor
9:15 An update on epigenetics - S. Asa
9:30 Discussion
10:00 Break

Big Data

Moderator - E. Diamandis
10:15 Big data- the role of computational biology - P. Bossuyt
10:30 Learning from our mistakes: The future of validating complex diagnostics - S. Master
10:45 Do we do too many lab tests? - R. Horvath
11:00 How can health information systems and EMR's facilitate patient care? - S. Boyages
11:15 Discussion
11:45 Break

Global Perspectives

Moderator - J. Ladenson
12:00 Disparities in laboratory medicine - A. Saenger
12:15 Technology in underserved areas: can we benefit from them in the developed world? - T. Amukule
12:30 Discussion

Group Photo


Dinner with music and dancing - Hosted my Dr. and Mrs. Spanos

Porto Elounda grassy area by the sea

Friday, June 19


New Markers

Moderator - A. Jaffe
8:30 circulating tumor cell - E. Lianidou
8:45 Alzheimers/Stroke - J. Ladenson
9:00 Kidney - O. Laterza
9:15 Discussion
9:45 Break

Ethical Issue in Laboratory Medicine

Moderator - M. Plebani
10:00 We can do it, but should we? - A. Gronowski
10:15 Epedemics and Duty of Care - D. Bruns
10:30 Ethical Issues in Publications - N. Rafai
10:45 Discussion
11:15 Break

Microbes in The Clinical Lab

Moderator - S. Asa
11:30 How to prepare the lab for highly infectious pathogens- or what did Ebola teach us? - D. Sacks
11:45 Rapid infectous disease testing: How far, how fast and how cheap can we go? - C. Wittwer
12:00 The future of infectious disease testing - C.A. Burnham
12:15 How will the Microbiome change laboratory testing? M. Cervinski
12:30 Discussion


Board busses for Guided Tour of Palace of Knossos, Shoping Old Town Heraklion. Dinner on own.

Saturday, June 20


Summary and take home lessons Panel Discussion

Moderator - S. Ezzat
T. Moyer
R. Rej
A. Stankovic
9:30 Wrap-up - A. Gronowski & G. Tsongalis

Bus departs for the airport