Fallen Heroes - In Memoriam

Dr. Mario Werner
1932 - 2001)


Mario Werner The editors and publishers of Clinica Chimica Acta have learned with deep regret of the death of Dr. Mario Werner at the age of 69 years. Other appreciations of the distinguished career of Dr. Werner in laboratory medicine will appear, but we wish in this notice to remember with gratitude Dr. Werner’s service as Editor-in-Chief of Clinica Chimica Acta from July 1985 to June 1998.

As Editor-in-Chief, Mario Werner was scrupulous in ensuring the high standard of contributions which appeared in our pages. His own wide knowledge of clinical chemistry and its applications to medicine ensured that his comments to authors were invariably careful and constructive. His wide range of friends and acquaintances in the world of laboratory medicine and the respect in which he was held, not only in North America but also in Europe and the Far East, was instrumental in bringing Clinica Chimica Acta to the attention of clinical laboratory scientists and in bringing many valuable contributions to the attention of the Editorial Board.

Mario Werner’s individualistic and subtle sense of humour, and his enjoyment of good food and wine made him a highly agreeable and welcome travelling companion. Many colleagues will also remember with pleasure the warm hospitality offered by him and his wife at their home in Georgetown.

Dr. Werner is survived by his wife Elisabeth and his son Conrad, to whom we send our deepest sympathy.

Donald Moss
Alan Wu

Originally published in Clinica Chimica Acta
Volume 314, Issues 1-2, December 2001, Page 269


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